hardwood flooring installation

Are you ready to experience professional hardwood installation?

Picking out the perfect hardwood flooring for your Jackson, MS home is exciting. After choosing all the most important options, making sure it fits in with your existing decor, and considering which maintenance procedures will work best, you then have to consider the hardwood installation process. By now, you’ve already decided this is not the material to attempt to install yourself, especially since it has to be acclimated to your surroundings first. However, there are a few things you need to know before your installation team arrives, to make the most of this professional service.

Prior to your hardwood installation, one of our professional associates will get precise measurements for the work to be carried out. This is a great time to ask questions about the process and find out if there’s anything else that will be expected of you. You should plan to stay out of and away from any room in which the flooring is going to be installed, so it also helps to know about how long the crew plans to work on the installation.

Moving large, heavy furniture is another important step unless you’ve made prior arrangements for having this done. A room that is completely cleared means your hardwood installation team can get started as soon as they arrive. And the sooner they get started, the sooner you’ll be able to actually walk on your new floors. It’s important to remember that the possibility does exist that problems could come up during the process. If sub-floor repairs need to be made, for instance, we can make them, but it could add a few days to the time table.

After your hardwood installation is complete, you may have to go a few more days without walking on them. Stains need time to dry, as do any adhesives used during the installation, which can help create the flooring you dreamed of right from the start. Make sure you visit our showroom, located in Pearl, MS, to find out how quickly we can get started on your installation. You can expect only the best and most professional service and attention from our associates and service providers so make sure you stop by today.