hardwood flooring installation

Three reasons why Jackson residents love hardwood floors

Many designers say “Design from the floor up,” meaning that, if you can, install the ground first, and coordinate walls, furniture and accessories.

At Mississippi Pro Design Center we believe that our store should be a one-stop-shopping location so you can get everything from design ideas to trends, latest technologies and beautiful floors. Here, that often means hardwood.

Your hard or soft surface is a big expression of personal style. It reflects you, your personality, and even the design trends specific to your region. Since we service the area, we explored and researched to see what people want. When it comes to flooring, the answer is hardwood.

The city of Jackson epitomizes quintessential Southern charm, and combines it with modern fashion. You’ll find no artisan cheese shops or trendy gadget stores here, but you will see plenty of the familiar red-brick homes with big yards and black shutters, as well as museums, Greek-revival architecture and latest menu additions, right next to the time-honored classics, like pan-fried chicken and poke salad.

You can even visit the craft cocktail scene at an inn located behind a heavy door in back of an old-fashioned drug store that has a still-operational soda fountain.

This is what hardwood flooring is all about, so it’s no surprise it’s a popular choice here because:

  • Wood flooring can easily be traditional or contemporary, or a combination of both. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, mansion, or whether you have a bungalow, loft-style open layout, or beach cottage.
  • Hardwood is a timeless classic. It’s been the # one flooring choice for years, adding elegance and style to any home, but it does get updated to be in line with the latest trends, such as wide planks, white or light gray hues, or textures such as wire-brushed. We have them all.
  • Just like this area, which can sometimes seem a little chameleon-like, with its blend of old, and so is hardwood. This flooring can look different, depending upon the light, colors, and even other wood tones in the rooms.
  • Example, sometimes mahogany floors can almost look a little red, orange or brown, oak can look yellow, or gray floors have a slate blue tone.

Come into the Mississippi Pro Design Center showroom in Pearl, MS, to see our fully stocked inventory also of laminate, tile, carpet, luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring, natural stone and cork.