hardwood flooring installation

Are you planning a hardwood installation soon?

Solid hardwood floors are the envy of many homeowners, and to finally get the opportunity to have them in your own Jackson, MS home is a very exciting time! You’ve done the research; picked all your favorite attributes like the perfect stain color and finish, and you’re ready to have them put into place. This is where the true importance of professional hardwood installation comes into play.

Many of today’s floor coverings are fairly easy to install as a DIY project, however wood is not one of them. There are many specific requirements with regard to special tools, and your Jackson, MS flooring installer must have a working knowledge and experience with this material to avoid some of the most common mistakes. While this flooring material has an excellent lifespan, that can be cut incredibly short with the wrong installation techniques.

One of the most important aspects of hardwood installation is the acclimation period. This is where your materials are allowed to “get use to” your specific environment, especially where humidity is concerned. The time frame for this step can last from 24 to 72 hours, depending on a variety of factors that your flooring associate will discuss with you. Leaving this step off from the process can cause many unwanted effects in your flooring, which can include buckling, warping, or cracking. If any of these happen, you will almost necessarily need to replace those sections of material.

Hardwood installation also requires the use of special tools that most homeowners do not have and are certainly not familiar with. Unless you have installed hardwood flooring as a profession in the past, it’s highly unlikely that you have or know about, these necessary tools. Of course, you could purchase them just for this purpose, but the expense would far exceed your flooring, and you might never use them again.

In order to alleviate any possible problems with your hardwood installation, the best option is to leave it in the hands of our capable professional installation team. At Mississippi Pro Design Center, it’s what we do, and we’ll always do our best for you. Visit us at our showroom in Pearl, Mississippi so we can discuss all the relevant information about this process and how it can truly benefit you and your floors. Our associates, as always, stand ready to serve you.