hardwood flooring

Mississippi Pro Design Center's hardwood flooring care guide

If you have recently finished up on a hardwood flooring installation project, you're probably wondering how best to take care of your new floors, so they will look better and last longer. Hardwood flooring has a bit of a reputation as a "fancier" flooring, and this reputation has led many to believe that a hardwood flooring installation is somehow more difficult to maintain than other flooring types.

In reality, maintaining hardwood flooring isn't all that different from other hard-surface flooring options, with some notable exceptions. Since there is so much confusion surrounding the issue, we thought we'd throw together a quick guide to give you the lowdown on what actually is required to keep your new hardwood flooring installation looking great for years to come- Here's what we came up with!

Stay on top of the sweeping

Gritty dirt and detritus from outdoors is always being tracked into the home. It's important to stay on top of sweeping or vacuuming your new hardwood flooring installation, to keep this grime from eroding your finish. The finish is more than a pretty color and a nice shine, it also helps to protect the wood of your floors from damage. It is the first line of defense, and the best way to preserve that line is to keep it clean.

It's important to note that if you use a vacuum to clean your hardwood floors, you should always make sure that the beater brush for carpets is disengaged. It can do more damage to your floors in a few seconds than a year's worth of tracked in dirt!

Water is your floor's worst enemy

The number one concern to keep in mind when looking to protect your hardwood flooring installation is water. Nothing will ruin your hardwood faster than moisture. It can cause the floorboards to warp, crack, discolor, and separate to the point that replacement is the only remedy.

Make sure to put down waterproof mats at all entrances to the home, and in front of any sinks or other water sources. You might also want to consider a no-shoes policy for the home, just to be sure.

Lift with your knees!

The final major thing to look out for is deep gouges in your flooring. These are often caused by sharp impacts from dropped objects or, more likely, not fully lifting furniture or other heavy items from the floor completely when moving them.

The best way to avoid this type of damage is to always be sure to fully lift, never drag, any heavy items you are moving around the house. It also helps to put soft pads on the contact points of your furniture, to minimize accidental gouges from people who "flop" into furniture instead of sitting carefully.

Thinking about a hardwood flooring installation for your home?

If you live in or around Pearl, MS, and think it might be time to look into new hardwood floor for your home, Mississippi Pro Design Center would love to help! We have a stunning array of hardwood styles and species to choose from, as well as the expertise to install them flawlessly. If you'd like to take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate, why not contact our Pearl, MS showroom to get started today?