hardwood flooring installation

Take your floors to a new level with hardwood flooring

It’s not really possible to show you, in text, just what you’re missing by skipping over hardwood flooring as you shop for your next new floor covering. However, we can tell you a bit more about it in hopes that more information will make it easier to actually seek the product out, much to your benefit. The truth is, these floors just make sense, especially if you’re looking for hard-wearing durability and a truly extensive lifespan. Lasting at least 100 years when properly maintained, you won’t have to replace it as long as you own your home.

Hardwood floors have always been known for their timeless elegance. That means that no matter how many years go by, and no matter how many flooring or decor trends come and go, you’ll still be current. Your gorgeous floors will not only be the talk of your circle, but they’ll provide excellent stability and functionality on which your family’s memories can be made. From first steps to prom pictures, you won’t regret choosing this material.

Choose your favorite species and stain color to create the look you want for your home. When it comes to choosing a finish type, it’s nice to know that options such as vintage or distressed finishes can even work to hide signs of wear and tear like scratches and scuffs. Once wear does begin to show, however, all you’ll need to do is call us to schedule a hardwood flooring refinishing project and they’ll look just like new again. The even better news is, you can refinish your hardwood floors several times before replacement, and they can go decades between.

Mississippi Pro Design Center has your go-to flooring professionals in the Jackson, MS area. In fact, once you visit our Pearl, MS showroom floor, you’ll see that you will have access to everything you need, from products and materials to expert advice and services. We offer free estimates and represent some of the best name brands in the business so you’ll feel right at home; secure in knowing you’ll get the flooring you want and need. Don’t just think about it. Come see what we can do for you.