The one thing you must know about hardwood floors

The one thing you must know about hardwood floors

Can you believe it? The holidays are just around the corner, and soon there’ll be wonderful traditions like the Jackson Christmas Parade or the Mistletoe Marketplace.

Overnight guests and entertaining are even more traditions, so maybe you want to spruce up your home. The best way to do that is by installing hardwood flooring.

Hardwood is rich and warm and perfect for the holidays. What’s more, these floors often have these great color undertones, like red or orange, and the room can really sparkle when you coordinate it with decorations.

At any time of year, a hardwood floor can be a wonderful investment for your home, whether you live in Jackson, Pearl, or anywhere in Mississippi.

Here’s what you should know:

There are two kinds of hardwood flooring. Both are real wood and can add value to your home.

One is solid and, just like it sounds; each plank is a slab of wood that goes entirely through the plank.

As gorgeous as it is, you have to be mindful that water is the enemy here, so it can be a little limited in installation areas. For example, it’s never recommended for use in bathrooms, widely known as the wettest room in the house, or other high moisture areas.

The other is engineered, fast becoming a popular choice. Engineered hardwood flooring is layered, with the top being a slab of wood; the bottom layers are a combination of wood and other materials, with each positioned differently. This gives it more stability, and it’s better able to handle water; still, you should always wipe water immediately and not let puddles sit. It can be installed in some places where solid can’t.

Both types of hardwood floors are offered in a wide assortment of species and colors, styles, and stains, and will work well in any environment, from the most traditional to contemporary and urban modern. Both are durable, easy to care for (just sweep with a soft broom and vacuum) and, if they start to look worn, chances are that a refinishing will be all it takes to bring them to their original glory.

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