hardwood flooring

Why a hardwood installation is ideal for office spaces

Not long ago, carpeting was the go-to flooring for offices. Even nowadays, you’ll still see many workplaces with carpets, many of which are dusty, worn-out, and painfully dated. However, attitudes have certainly changed with regards to what floors should be in an office, and luckily so. In a place that’s often a second home to employees, this is indeed a crucial factor for several reasons.

When it comes to hardwood installation, more companies seem to be leaning towards this option, in particular, businesses that want to take on a modern vibe. The tech sector is a perfect example of companies looking for a sleeker, more contemporary look, one they get with a hardwood installation.

Apart from its appearance, another key factor in companies choosing wood flooring points to health, and in turn, staff productivity. While it’s certainly very appealing visually, a hardwood installation also limits dust accumulation, and is easy to clean. In offices that have decades old carpeting, the fibers retain countless allergens, not to mention stains and grease. As such, it creates an unhealthy environment at work, increasing allergies and breathing issues. Mold is yet another factor that might be a problem in older carpeting. On the other hand, a hardwood installation doesn’t accumulate such things, making it a healthier alternative.

Of course, any wood flooring will require some level of protection, no matter its location. Aside from protective surface coatings, ideally, your floors should have mats as well, to guard against the messes that outdoor gear bring in, like water and mud. Specialized protective plastic guards also protect against office chair wheels and permanent indentation.

Lastly, engineered planks are also a great choice in office spaces, more likely to withstand higher amounts of traffic, especially when some employees regularly wear heels.

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