Yes, you can.  Knots, grains, swirls, and growth rings are the very things that make your wood floors stand out.  Together, they add color variations and make your floor unique.

These floors can be painted, stained, or just left natural. Following is a brief guide for three common kinds of wood, all of which have the best knots and grains.

Knots and grains and swirls

Very often, knots are most noticeable with medium-toned wood floors. It also depends on plank size; currently, wider planks are trending and are more traditional with better availability to see knots and grains.

Here are four species that have plenty of knots and grains.  The list can be extensive, so if knots and grains are important to you, talk to your hardwood flooring retailer
for more information.

  • ● Knotty pine.  It’s lightweight with oval knots that are small and have unique resin outlines. Pine has a distinctive yellow hue (ranging from light blond to gold) and the knots are usually light brown with straight grain and dark brown growth rings.  All of the variations create a rustic, casual look.
  • ● Hickory.  It’s darker than knotty pine and is strong and durable with grains that create swirls.  This is often used in wider planks. The knots are oval and range in color from light brown to black and in size and from tiny to several inches long.
  • ● Oak.  This comes in red or white versions. White oak is durable and has an abundance of grains, patterns, and knots. Red oak has a lighter, pink or peachy tint. Both white and red oak have knots that mix well and blend well with wood grains.
  • ● Cherry. With textured knots that aren't as noticeable as the knots in hickory or pine, it looks less rustic and has red undertones that darken over time. It’s tough and more than pine, but not as heavy as hickory.

Knots add beauty and distinction!

It's a little contradictory because knots are sometimes defined as "visible imperfections", but it doesn't mean that the floor is damaged.  Knots are the very thing that creates a unique pattern! They are created naturally when resin collects and forms a round-shaped outline in the wood.

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