Top four tile flooring trends

Tiles are probably the only flooring materials that can be installed in all the rooms of a house. They have recently gained rapid popularity thanks to their resilience and adaptability. Tiles are installed in both residential and commercial buildings without reservations of any constraints including stains and odors. Besides, you can mix and match different tile patterns and colors to create a unique and modern flooring. Below are the top four tile flooring trends from which you may choose when renovating your home.

Earth tones

A wide range of Italian tiles draws inspiration from natural elements such as clay, sand, rocks, forest, grass, and moss. Others are designed with shades of blue to conjure an oceanic feeling. This trend has recently become popular across the globe partly due to the revival of the 1970s flooring styles coupled with the desire among designers to create a sense of nature.

Wood-look tiles

Tile designers have been mastering the art of disguise since the introduction of ceramic tile flooring, which is popularly known for its sharp resemblance to natural stone. It should, therefore, not a wonder to see tiles being customized to resemble natural wood. Whether you're looking to achieve a traditional look or modern flooring trends like hand-scraped, distressed and wire brushed, you can never go wrong with wood-look tiles.

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Botanical tiles

In the contemporary world of decorative tiles, botanical-inspired motifs are increasingly becoming popular. These tiles come in floral and plant designs that might well give your space a wow effect. While these tiles are mostly used on the floors, a seasoned tile specialist can combine individual slates to create a bespoke flower design on your walls.

Fabric-look tile

These trendy flooring options will afford you a sturdy floor that appears to have a soft and subtle linen texture. This implies that they will not only add a sparkle to your floor but also give your interior décor an expensive and classy look. Despite their appearance, these tiles are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

With rapid advancement in technology, it's easy to keep your floor up-to-date with new trends in tile flooring. From fabric, wood-look to botanical and earth tones, the new flooring trends can potentially revamp the aesthetic appearance of your home by adding a stylish touch. These tiles are relatively cheap and are guaranteed to serve you for a long period.

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