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Hardwood flooring offers many options

Hardwood is by far one of the most popular floor coverings on the market today. Not only does it carry a wealth of benefits, it has a look that truly is unmatched by the competition. It’s durable enough to be used in any home but luxurious enough to find its way into some of the most high-end homes around the world.

It’s not just a floor covering either, it’s an investment in your future. If you should, at some point, decide to sell your home, you will see an increase in your expected profit. Homes with solid wood flooring are worth more to the average homebuyer than those without it.

At Mississippi Pro Design Center, we want to make sure that you find the perfect floor covering for your home. In fact, we invite you to visit our showroom, located in Pearl, MS, to speak with a flooring professional about your specific needs. We serve the areas of Madison, Flowood, Brandon, Clinton, and Pearl and we look forward to serving you as well!

Choices in hardwood

Once you’ve narrowed your flooring search down to hardwood, there are still some things you have to consider. One of those things is the particular wood species you’d like. Some species are harder, while others are softer, and you’ll want to choose according to the traffic in the rooms you’re looking to cover. For instance, you wouldn’t want to place a pine flooring in a room that has a lot of foot traffic. It would never stand up to the wear and tear. You also have the choice of choosing prestained or unstained wood. Prestained has the stain applied during manufacturing, while unstained is finished in your home. The latter will take a little more time during installation, so keep that in mind when deciding. The finish is another option you’ll want to think about. Most people choose a glossy finish that shines brilliantly. Other options include a vintage or distressed look if you want floors to look older, as well as a hand-scraped option. Both vintage and hand-scraped finishes work well in homes where scratches and scuffs are apt to occur. The finish hides them much more than a glossy finish would, and can even extend the life of your flooring. In either case, once wear and tear does become apparent, you always have the option of refinishing your floors. This process can bring the like-new finish back to your hardwood and give you many more years of enjoyment.

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