Hardwood flooring from Mississippi Pro Design in Pearl, MS

Hardwood flooring offers an elegance you'll love

It's hard to deny the timeless appearance that comes as a result of having hardwood floors installed in your home. It's a perfect match for nearly every décor. What's more, it lacks very little in performance and has a lifespan that rivals any other product on the market.

When you're ready for new flooring, you can't go wrong with hardwood floors. You can even personalize them to your specifications with ease, making it even more worthwhile for your requirements. We'll tell you more about how to do that.

Getting what you need from hardwood

One of the most highly sought-after characteristics of hardwood floors is the extremely long lifespan. With a professional installation and regular care and maintenance, they can average 100 years or more with ease. A trip into any local historic building will often show you what you can expect, as many of those floors are well over 100 years old and look great.

These floors perform well in many spaces, but they're never a good fit for below-grade spaces such as basements. They must be acclimated properly before installation for the best results. Without the required acclimation period. They can warp, buckle, or split, and will then need to be replaced.

To get the look you want from your local hardwood flooring store, you’ll get to choose a perfect wood species, stain color, sealant, and finish type. Important facts to remember include picking the species based on your home’s traffic and knowing that finishes can hide signs of daily wear.

Choose us for your hardwood flooring needs

As a hardwood flooring retailer, we work hard to make sure all your flooring needs are met. We get to know you and your requirements then match you with the perfect materials and services. We treat your home like it was ours, and that’s a difference you’ll see.

From our showroom in Peart, MS, we serve the areas of Madison, Flowood, Brandon, Clinton, Peart, and Jackson. If you’re in those areas, we invite you to stop by at your convenience. We’d love to serve your flooring needs too.