Hardwood flooring from Mississippi Pro Design in Pearl, MS

Top 5 hardwood flooring options in Pearl, MS

All hardwood flooring is beautiful, but it is not all the same.  Here are the top 5 options you’ll need to decide on.

The option of different constructions

This has everything to do with how wood floors handle water and moisture. There are two main constructions:  Solid, which is one species throughout the thickness, and can be damaged by excess water and moisture.

The second is an engineered construction.  Rather than one piece, it's layered with a slice of genuine wood on top.  This is what gives it shine, undertones, and visual impacts such as knots and raised grains.  Underneath are at least 3 layers, preferably more, of authentic timber combined with a little resin.  The layers are placed in crosswise positions to give it stability and an increased ability to handle water.

The option of plank width

While this comes down to personal style and preference, the decision to choose between a wide plank and a narrow one is important.  The wide plank is more traditional and will have increased surface to show off grains and knots.  Especially when in lighter colors, it can make a room feel light and airy.  Narrow planks, which are a little more expensive because there are more of them, are more casual and better suited to smaller rooms where wide planks might seem cramped.

Other considerations are:

  • Species.  While all hardwood is hard, please be sure you tell your hardwood flooring retailer if you have extra durability needs so you can be guided to the right one.  The most popular domestic species, however, are oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and hickory.
  • Finish:  This is the top protective layer--it’s not the same as a stain. Some floors come pre-finished, but if you select one yourself, there are oil and water-based ones.  Both offer good protection, the difference is in appearance.

 Oil is more penetrating and has an amber glow, but the smell is strong and there's a several hour wait between coats.  Water is clear, quick-drying with a mild odor. 

  • Stain.  You can either leave the floor in its natural color or choose from a wide assortment of colors, ranging in all shades of light to dark.

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