hardwood flooring

Why should you choose hardwood flooring for your renovation?

Truthfully, there are a wealth of advantages to choosing hardwood flooring for your renovations. Not only is it visually stunning with a grace that’s absolutely incomparable, there’s a very good reason why this material has been used for generations, and that comes down to unsurpassed durability. At Mississippi Pro Designer Center, our on-site showroom experts in Pearl, MS, have come up with a list of the best qualities hardwood floors have to offer. So, without further delay, let’s get right into why wood is an excellent option for your upcoming home makeover.

Unrivaled elegance
Truly, no other surfacing material can compare to hardwood flooring when it comes to appearance. The sleek slats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, where you can opt for short, wide planks, or long, slender ones. That means you can play around with what kind of look you want for your room. Regardless of what you choose, the end result is the same: An elegant appearance that transcends time.

Vast species selection
As there are a vast assortment of tree species throughout the globe, you’ll be able to select from among a seemingly endless amount of design possibilities. In the end, you’ll be able to get hardwood flooring in pretty much any color you want, not to mention a wide array of varnish options. As such, you can not only select what design you prefer, but you can potentially mix and match your décor and furnishings with your slats.

Natural durability
You can thank Mother Nature for creating such a naturally durable material! Of course, with added top coats of protection, you’ll be getting planks that can hold up to even the busiest of households. Don’t worry about pets and kids running amok, your hardwood flooring can deal with the commotion, without you having to worry about redoing your floors!

Timeless beauty
As we’ve mentioned already, there’s nothing quite like the timeless beauty of wood slats. They’re simply never dated, keeping with the times for generations and generations, because of its eternal quality and ageless appearance. What does that mean for homeowners, exactly? In the end, it means you’ll have floors that will never go out of style, which results in the need for less renos!