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Decorating tips to add extra pizzazz to wood flooring

Whether it’s solid or engineered hardwood, there will be a timeless charm to your home. With a few easy tips, you can give that room over-the-top glamour.

As a hardwood flooring retailer, we know how it can set the foundation for the entire look of a room. It is, after all, the largest square footage area in any space. Whether you select solid or engineered wood flooring there will be beautiful undertones (secondary colors). For example, mahogany floors often have red or orange shades, while gray can have a slate blue hue. Ash floors can look green.

Accent them, bring out the colors, and add glamour to your room.

Decorating tip #1: Aim for balance

That includes both colors and textures. For instance, if you have gray floors with a slate blue undertone, that's more on the side of cool shade. You might want to balance that with a warmer blue on walls or accessories.

Some people, however, do prefer cool on cool, so the only rigid rule is that whatever you choose should coordinate. This would be a good time to invest in a color wheel; you can get them in hardware, home improvement, or paint stores for usually under $20. Use textures to balance the hardness of the woodsuch as draperies, curtains, throw pillows, etc.

Decorating tip #2: Coordinate, don’t match

As long as the colors and textures work together, there’ll be a lot of visual interest and sophistication. When it comes to other woods, such as coffee or end tables, the undertones are what you need to coordinate. The primary wood color doesn’t need to match the flooring, but if your floor has warm secondary colors and you have a coffee table with cool undertones, you’ll have a hodgepodge that will only confuse the eye.

Decorating tip #3: Bring out the color!

Use area rugs, views, art, upholstery, and other accessories. An example would be an ash floor with a window that overlooks foliage, or a scatter rug with red and orange colors placed over mahogany wood.

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