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Hardwood flooring: Common problems and how to avoid them

People love hardwood floors and Jackson is no exception.

It is warm, rich, and elegant- and fits into any decor. It never goes out of style and adds a lot of value to your home.

You probably already know that excess water is the #1 Public Enemy of hardwood floors. Whenever the experts are called about a problem, it’s usually caused by excess liquid.

Avoid it in the first place…

Did you know there are two kinds of hardwood, Jackson? There’s solid flooring which is one big slab throughout the plank. There’s also engineered, which is a slab of solid hardwood on top with several layers underneath that are mixtures of wood and other materials. The layers are all placed crosswise and this gives it stability and an ability to handle water better.

Sometimes hardwood will need TLC

Here’s what to do if your flooring starts to experience any of these challenges:

●Gaps. Solid wood expands and shrinks to adjust to the weather, and needs acclimation, a simple process. Leave it in an opened box in the room in which it’s to be installed, for at least three days prior. This helps it get used to the weather conditions but if it persists, call to have the boards tightened.

Engineered hardwood doesn’t need acclimation.

●Buckling. Excess water in the subfloor is causing your surface floor to buckle. The planks lift to accommodate the swelling. Avoid it by not letting water get in between the boards. Damp-mop only, wipe spills immediately, and make sure it's dry even if you use wax.
●Cupping. The sides of the floor look like a cup with a sunken middle and raised sides. It happens when there's moisture in or under the house. Use fans, air conditioners, vents, and dehumidifiers. You may have to look under the house to see if there’s any water there.
●Chipped or splintering. This happens with normal wear and tear and it’s often in the veneer and not the wood. A refinishing, either with or without sanding, will bring the floor up to its original luster.

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