A great investment in hardwood flooring in Mississippi master bedroom

Hardwood flooring is a great investment

Hardwood flooring elevates the beauty of many grand nineteenth-century mansions. Unpretentious, but impressive middle-class homes of the era, such as the Manship House, are also highlighted by solid wood floors. If you want to bring traditional elegance to your home with wood flooring, Mississippi Pro Design Center can provide the services you need. We are a hardwood flooring retailer in Pearl, Mississippi, and much more. Not only can we install your new floor, we can measure the room, repair subfloor deficiencies, get rid of old carpet, and move furniture. The first thing you need to do is decide if prefinished or unfinished solid hardwood planks are right for you. Or you may prefer more budget-friendly engineered hardwood.


We can come to your home and install a prefinished solid hardwood floor in a day, and you can walk on that floor the same day. It’s not so simple with unfinished wood. These planks need to be sanded and finished, a process that takes about two weeks. Before you instinctively pick the flooring that is designed for easy installation, consider these facts:

  • Your wood floor will have a beveled look with prefinished planks and a flush look with unfinished planks.
  • The species of wood or color of stain you want may not be available in prefinished wood.
  • If you're not in the home anyway, because it is under construction or a large renovation, unfinished planks may be a good investment.


Solid hardwood flooring, which is typically 3/4-inch thick, has no additives. Oak, maple and cherry woods create a good floor because they are very hard. Other wood species like walnut, hickory, ash, and mahogany as well as the more exotic mesquite, teak, and jarrah work well too. An engineered hardwood plank consists of plywood and a top layer of hardwood. Since these planks are moisture-resistant, they can be installed in a basement, but they are not recommended for bathrooms. Sold wood is glued or nailed to the subfloor while engineered wood can be connected to float over the subfloor. Remember that any type of hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and clean, strong and durable, and allergy- and eco-friendly.

Mississippi Pro Design Center
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