Hardwood flooring from Mississippi Pro Design in Pearl, MS

Staying local: Mississippi hardwoods

Trees have historically played an important role in Mississippi’s economy, so it ought not to be a surprise to find that many of the trees that grow in our state can be made into a beautiful hardwood floor. Further, even a number of the laminates and luxury vinyl plank floors, that are designed to create a wood-look flooring, a pattern that looks after some of our wood types.


Perhaps the most common hardwood used for flooring is the venerable oak tree. Mississippi is the home to red oaks, white oaks, and the beautiful swamp chestnut oak tree. Black oaks, while typically considered part of the red oak family, offer a tighter grain pattern than their red sisters. The Southern Live Oak is also a classic Mississippi hardwood tree and while typically considered an evergreen, it is a true hardwood and creates strong, beautiful planks when handled properly.


Next to the oak, when it comes to southern hardwoods, has got to be the pecan tree. These trees make exceptional flooring both due to their strength and to their swirling grain pattern. If you want a flooring that is both native to our region and will turn heads, pecan is something you will want to consider.


Cedar is usually thought of as a wood for furniture or shingles, but it is also a very suitable wood for flooring, plus it can be found growing naturally here in Mississippi. Cedar is known for its pleasing, light fragrance that keeps the moths away, yet its beautiful red hue and tight grain should not be ignored. It will make quite an unforgettable floor when installed.

Southern Magnolia

Mississippi is known as the “Magnolia State” for good reason. Not only is our state the natural habitat of such trees, but some of the most beautiful magnolias can be found here. While most magnolia hardwood floors are made from an African Magnolia, they are close cousins to our southern magnolia hardwoods, so they can double (as it were) for a locally grown wood floor.

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