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What hardwood floor colors do people prefer the most?

It’s no surprise that everyone has unique tastes when it comes to interior design. Yet, in terms of hardwood flooring, there are indeed several popular colors homeowners tend to gravitate towards. Today, we’re going to go over the ones people most prefer. Of course, before settling on a color for your installation, consider your overall style and theme, including furniture, décor, and walls, to choose a design that truly matches your setting. 

Dark and cool tones

At the top of the list of most preferred plank colors are the dark and cool tones. Darker brown shades are by and large the favorite pick of many homeowners, likely due to its warm, welcoming vibe. Furthermore, in homes with shades that lean towards the cooler colors, such as ever-popular gray, it’s an ideal pairing with a dark installation.

Gray and gray blends

The runner up to dark colors is no doubt the gray and gray blend scale. Nowadays especially, you see more and more gray flooring wherever you go, from residences to commercial sites. While gray wood planks are a truly unique style that ultimately works in any space, if you're looking to keep within a very tight budget you can opt for a wood-look gray installation too. 

Natural and light colors

On the extreme opposite end of the dark color spectrum is the light color alternatives. Going natural, as well, falls under the light color category and can make for an equally distinctive, airy, brilliant installation. Either way, the theme is consistent, and one of exceptional brilliance that can create a lighter space and illuminate smaller rooms.

Whitewashed effect

Coming back into popularity after several decades, the whitewashed effect with a modern twist is getting rave reviews. Today, it’s a lot less shiny and its features are much subtler. If you’re in search of a modern style but with a bit more flair, then give these linear, mineral-streaked planks a try.

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