Wood trim flooring from Mississippi Pro Design in Pearl, MS

What options are there for wood flooring trim?

You can get wood trim that exactly matches your new hardwood flooring to create a seamless look. Or you can choose a slightly lighter or darker hue that complements the color of the flooring. White trim, light-colored walls, and dark hardwood flooring always look elegant. Mississippi Pro Design Center is a hardwood flooring retailer in Pearl, Mississippi, that can make your room design plans a reality. If you prefer, we can bring the showroom to you with our mobile showroom.

Trim and moldings

Trim gives flooring a finished look. It comes in different shapes and different materials like bare wood, primed wood, PVC, medium-density fiberboard, and vinyl. Choose raw wood for staining and primed wood for painting. Fiberboard is usually the least costly. Styles like smooth, beaded, and ornate are available. Trim completes a hardwood flooring project by

  • ● providing a transition between two types of flooring in adjoining rooms.
  • ● hiding joints placed for expansion and contraction.
  • ● covering gaps and edges.
Baseboard, shoe, and quarter round

Molding is a type of trim that is more decorative. It is often characterized by elaborate details that enhance the look of the flooring. Shoe or quarter round molding finishes off the floor. The molding is placed between the flooring and the baseboard. It hides the expansion gap that is needed for every wood floor. Both types of molding can be stained and finished to match the hardwood flooring or painted to match the baseboard. Simple baseboard moldings usually measure 3- to 5-inches while more sophisticated styles can be higher. Combining several types of molding, like baseboard, wainscoting, and a chair rail creates an eye-catching effect.

Mississippi Pro Design Center specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We offer services such as design consultation, in-home measurement, and subfloor and floor repairs. We bring our flooring expertise to Mississippi communities that include Pearl, Jackson, Flowood, Brandon, Clinton, and Madison. Call, text, fill out the online form or visit our showroom in Pearl to schedule a meeting with a skilled project specialist who will help you get started with your project. Convenient financing is always available.