Hardwood flooring from Mississippi Pro Design in Pearl, MS

Which hardwood flooring option is the most durable?

Two of the strongest hardwoods are hickory and red oak, and you’ll never go wrong with an exotic species.  Exotics, such as Brazilian cherry, are known for superior strength.

We’re quick to point out, however, that it shouldn’t be automatically assumed that just because something is labeled as a hardwood it has the same level of strength as another species. For example, pine, Douglas fir, and aspen are softer woods.  Hickory is five times harder than aspen. If you have extra durability needs, come into our hardwood flooring showroom to speak to one of our experts.

How to determine the hardness

With hardwood, there is the Janka Scale.  The higher the number, the harder the wood, but it’s important to understand that Janka measures impact, not scratching or any other type of wear or waterproof capabilities. Look for a rating of 1,000 or over for hardness,  but also keep in mind that a wood rated in the hundreds may work.

Consider also a wood-look flooring

As mentioned before, Janka only measures impact, so if you have other wear concerns, or need something waterproof, you might consider luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or wood-look laminate. While LVP is completely waterproof, laminate is considered highly water-resistant.

LVP and laminate are incredibly realistic mimics of hardwood, taken with 3D photographs so images are clear, vibrant, and show every detail, including knots and swirls. Both are also embossed to give added depth, dimension, and textured appearances and come in assorted finishes.

Yes, they do have the feel of hardwood, especially when the philosophy of "thicker is better" is applied.  Vinyl planks should be at least 8-mm, but preferably higher to a 9-mm or 10-mm. Laminate planks should be 11 or 12-mm for hardwood feel.

To find out more about hardwood flooring, LVP, or wood-look flooring, come in for a design consultation at the  Mississippi Pro Design Center showroom in Pearl, MS, especially if you live in or near Pearl, Jackson, Flowood, Brandon, Clinton, and Madison. One of our skilled project managers will also tell you about our free estimates