hardwood floors

Why Jackson, MS. loves a hardwood installation

The people in Jackson, MS tend to be more traditional, with the red brick homes and columns of a Southern plantation.  Many homes are also peppered with touches of modern, which is why hardwood floors are often the installation
of choice.

It just fits into any decor.

Timeless beauty

Wood floors
are classic. They work in any atmosphere, from the most traditional to contemporary. They last for decades (we've heard of some going to 100-years-old) and, like fine wine, they often get better with age. 

Best of all, if one wants a color change, all they have to do is sand and stain the hardwood; yes, you can go from dark to light. I did, from mahogany to light oak.

If you want a more modern installation, go with the layered look that’s so trendy right now.  The floors have gorgeous undertones; for example, that could be red, orange, slate blue, cream or yellow.

Layer an area rug that can bring out those shades.

Hardwood maintenance

This installation is easy to take care of.  Vacuum a few times a week; be sure to remove beater bars (rotating brushes), as they can scratch. If you move furniture, use protective pads.

Solid timber can be damaged by water, so wipe spills immediately and perhaps take some extra precautions, such as placing mats near entrances or in front of sinks.

Wood also shrinks and expands to adjust to weather so acclimate it before installing; the acclimation process is simple.  Your flooring pro can give you instructions.

There is a second type of hardwood called engineered.  The construction of this flooring is the only different thing. Rather than one solid slab through the plank, this one has a solid layer of genuine wood with at least three (preferably more) layers, all placed in a crosswise manner.  

It is more stable and better able to handle wood and won’t move to adjust to the weather.  While it shouldn’t be installed in the full bathroom half-baths are fine. Ask about this type of installation.

Whether solid or engineered, these wood floors will add value to your property.  Both can be refinished, both are durable, and engineered hardwood is a little less expensive.

To learn more, visit the Mississippi Pro Design showroom in Pearl, MS servicing surrounding areas, including Jackson. Ask about our free estimates.